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Semtech launches LoRaWAN dev kit with Libelium and Loriot

IoT dev kit is available for North America, Europe

U.S. signal semiconductor provider Semtech Corporation announced the availability of a new LoRaWAN-connected IoT development kit from Spanish wireless hardware and software manufacturer Libelium and Swiss start-up Loriot.

Semtech said that this new kit will allow designers to speed up the development and testing of their IoT applications.

Comprised of a gateway and 10 sensor devices, featuring Semtech LoRa technology, application software, and a connection to Loriot’s cloud-based LoRaWAN network, the new development kit is optimized for smart city, smart security, smart environment and smart agriculture applications. The kit is available for both North America (915 MHz) and European (868 MHz) frequencies.

“The collaboration between Libelium and Loriot to produce a comprehensive IoT development environment that is easy to use is an excellent example of how companies in the LoRa Alliance are working together to deliver complete solutions to IoT customers,” said Mike Wong, Vice President of Marketing and Applications for Semtech’s Wireless and Sensing Product Group.

“With our kit, customers do not have to spend time configuring and testing a network, because we are able to provide them with a LoRaWAN network connection that has already been tested and set up to run seamlessly with the kit components and software,” said Javier Martínez, Libelium’s Vice President of Business Development & Sales.

The three companies are members of the LoRa Alliance, a group of more than 300 companies committed to driving and enhancing the LoRaWAN specification to ensure interoperability and scalability of LPWANs and IoT applications.

Installed base of fleet management systems in Australia and New Zealand will reach 1.1 million units by 2020

In more IoT-related news, the number of active fleet management systems deployed in commercial vehicle fleets in Australia and New Zealand will reach 1.1 million by 2020 compared to 500,000 at the end of 2015, according to a new research report from Swedish M2M/IoT analyst firm Berg Insight.

The study forecast that the market will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16% during the period. The fleet management market in Australia and New Zealand is today influenced positively by a number of different market drivers including regulatory developments such as health and safety regulations, road user charges and electronic work diaries, the study revealed.

“The fleet management solution market in Australia and New Zealand is served by a variety of players ranging from small local vendors to leading international solution providers”, said Rickard Andersson, Senior Analyst, Berg Insight.

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