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Wireless infrastructure will play crucial role in 5G, IoT

Wireless Infrastructure Association president discussed the role of infra in keynote at Wireless Connect conference

Jonathan Adelstein, president of the Wireless Infrastructure Association, discussed the role of infrastructure in delivering 5G and internet of things during a keynote speech at the Wireless Connect conference in College Park, Maryland.

He also discussed the importance of wireless infrastructure to the overall U.S. economy including the domestic workforce.

“There’s a lot at stake,” Adelstein said. “Today’s wireless infrastructure provides the foundation upon which the wireless industry will deliver the internet of things, 5G, and the applications, services and jobs that will fuel the U.S. economy for years to come.”

The so-called “wireless data crunch” spurred by constantly growing demand for mobile data has a direct impact infrastructure spending. “We need to make sure network capacity keeps up with rising demand. Wireless infrastructure immediately addresses the wireless data crunch as soon as it’s built. But we know — all too well – more infrastructure takes time.”

Adequately addressing issues the wireless industry faces–like inconsistent regulatory frameworks, spectrum assets, backhaul/fronthaul and an emerging skills gap in the wireless workforce–will be an important goal for advocacy organizations like the WIA.

“Wireless infrastructure isn’t just about what we build,” Adelstein said. “It’s really about what we enable. Wireless is essential to economic growth, productivity and job creation for the entire nation. The demand for data isn’t slowing down. We need mobile broadband for public safety, health care, education, entertainment, and business – and you name it.”

Wireless Connect was put together by Rikin Thakker and Ryan Elm; they’re working on a follow up in 2017.

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