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TIM wins contract to deploy waste management system

The Italian telco will develop the waste management project with two other companies

Italian mobile operator TIM and AlmavivA, with Agriconsulting, won a tender organized by the Ministry of the Environment for the deployment of a waste management system geared toward waste tracking.

The agreement, worth a maximum value of 260 million euros ($288 million), provides these companies with a license for five years, extendible to seven, to run the system that allows the computerized tracking of special waste at a national level and urban waste in the Campania Region.

The activities covered by the license include the tracking of the entire waste lifecycle through loading and unloading records, handling cards and route registration.

The waste management system, which uses interfaces that are easy to access via smartphones and apps, will provide a better user experience and will also potentially expand the service user base, estimated to have a potential market of 600,000 operators.

Under the terms of the contract, AlmavivA has taken on the management and development of applications for the computerization of compliances and the complete dematerialization of the system, which it will also achieve by adopting its own platform for big data analytics and business intelligence solutions.

TIM will implement and manage the cloud computing services offered in infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) mode, making use of its national data centers. Finally, TIM will manage all the vehicle tracking services. Agriconsulting will develop specialized application solutions.

“With the new system we are putting innovation at the service of change. We wish to combine simplification and efficiency with attention to the growth of circular economy, creating a market for recyclable materials, said Antonio Amati, General Manager of the IT department at AlmavivA.  

“This initiative confirms TIM’s role as a technological partner of Public Administration and the constant commitment to the digitization of Italy, deploying enabling infrastructure and platforms to support projects that have a strong impact on growth and development” stated Lorenzo Forina, head of business and top clients at TIM.

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