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Industrial internet of things oil and gas case study

Orange Business Services working with Swiss oil and gas firm on remote monitoring

Orange Business Services won a three-year contract with Swiss firm Sensile Technologies to remotely monitor oil and gas tanks worldwide with M2M connectivity, according to Orange.

Under the terms of the deal, Orange Business Services will provide 25,000 SIM cards to support Sensile’s two remote monitoring products, NETRIS2 and GASLink, at a global level.

Sensile Technologies monitors more than 60,000 tanks in industrial and business facilities across 60 countries.

Up to now, Sensile Technologies used 2G compatible devices to power its telemetry solutions. The contract with Orange Business Services extends this to cover devices with 3G and 4G connections.

NETRIS2 and GASLink are installed directly in the oil or propane tank and regularly send tank level measurements via the GSM network to the cloud, where the data is automatically processed.

“With its telemetry solutions Sensile Technologies is helping drive the latest revolution in industry. In Industry 4.0 every part of the enterprise and each phase of the manufacturing cycle will be connected. The internet of things (IoT) and M2M play a key part in this revolution, and we manage 10 million connected objects for our customers worldwide, including over 7 million active SIM cards,” Orange Business Services’ SVP Europe, Russia & CIS ,Anne-Sophie Lotgering, said.

Industry 4.0 has emerged as the go-to term to describe the fourth industrial revolution, which is marked by the widespread introduction of automation into various verticals including oil and gas, manufacturing, automotive and others.

Customers use Sensile solutions to optimize delivery scheduling, which in some cases has saved merchants and haulers 25% of logistics-related costs, according to the company.


“Leading oil and propane companies rely on our autonomous, robust, and easy to install systems. We have more than 60,000 in place on tanks in over 60 countries. Orange Business Services has proven itself as a reliable partner with the global footprint we need for our business. Their competitive flat-fee pricing was convincing as well,” said Sensile Technologies Operational Director Jean-Marc Uehlinger.

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