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AT&T IoT platform will streamline fast food operations

AT&T’s Internet of Things platform will provide connectivity for Squadle Checklists, a solution that helps streamline restaurant management. The AT&T Control Center will help Squaddle’s customers monitor everything from the temperature of refrigerated food to the progress of employees on daily tasks.

“The average fast food restaurant is run on paper. This connected solution replaces that outdated and potentially inaccurate method,” said Le Zhang, founder and CEO of Squadle.

Squadle creates tools for managers that enable them to monitor workflow onsite or from the cloud. In this case, the solutions are tailored for restaurant managers.

“In the fast-paced world of quick-service restaurants, agility is even more important,” said Joe Mosele, vice president, IoT Solutions, AT&T. “The AT&T wireless network will help Squadle give restaurants a simple and more reliable management experience.”

In addition to using the AT&T network for connectivity, Squadle is using the AT&T Control Center platform. The AT&T platform gives users visibility into the activity and status of SIM cards on the AT&T wireless network.

Analysts say that with time, IoT platforms are likely to become an even bigger piece of the IoT revenue pie than connectivity itself.

“The connectivity will be a small element of it, even if we are observing some increase in the connectivity ARPU in some operators,” said analyst Saverio Romeo of Beecham Research. “Companies start to appreciate the connectivity of assets and the data that this connectivity is producing … so definitely this leads to some increase in connectivity ARPU. … But the real core of the opportunity in the IoT is around the data that is produced in the environments in which we can connect, and the use of this data through applications. … The IoT is a world of services and the services will be developed thanks to the data.”

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