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Actility partners with Foxconn to target the IoT market in China

IoT platform ThingPark China will launch commercial operations in Q3 2016

French provider of internet of things services Actility partnered with Foxconn Technology Group to launch ThingPark China, a collaborative initiative to deliver a comprehensive suite of internet of things (IoT) solutions to the Chinese market.

The new initiatives integrate Actility’s ThingPark IoT platform and Foxconn’s vertical information and communications technology services and solutions, to offer end-to-end IoT services from sensors and gateways to network management and SaaS solutions. ThingPark China will begin business operations in the third quarter of 2016.

“China is an opportunity like no other IoT market,” said Actility CEO Mike Mulica. “It’s growing 30% a year, and a third of the world’s 15 billion connected things in 2020 will be in China. Foxconn is the perfect partner for Actility, because it is a company with world-class expertise to drive innovation at scale, as well as unrivaled market access to industrial and urban China. ThingPark China delivers on our goal to serve the vast Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) IoT markets across China.”

“This is another step in our ongoing efforts to create an internet of things ecosystem that supports our strategic focus on providing innovative products and solutions to realize smarter lives,” said Fang-Ming Lu, Executive Vice President of Foxconn. “IoT has the potential to transform cities, industry and transport, and also the way we live and work. The synergies generated by bringing together Foxconn’s design, manufacturing and technology capabilities and Actility’s expertise in LPWA networking technology, will enable us to capitalize on the immense opportunities presented in the IoT era.”

The two companies said ThingPark China will initially focus on delivering solutions to customers in China. In addition to deploying ThingPark Wireless connectivity, network operations and data management, both as SaaS and “on-premise” services, ThinkPark China will also resell LPWA gateways, which serve as essential hubs connecting sensors in the field to public or private communications networks.

Both Actility and Foxconn confirmed that some applications already in development or early deployment include energy efficiency management, manufacturing efficiency enhancement and connected healthcare.


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