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Ericsson, GE Ventures continue IoT startup investment

IoT startup Resin.io focuses on devops for the industrial internet of things

Seattle-based Resin.io, an IoT startup focused on devops management, raised $9 million in Series A funding round with capital coming from telecom equipment heavyweight Ericsson and GE’s investment arm GE Ventures.

Specifically, Resin.io has built a devops management platform for the internet of things. The idea is to facilitate enterprise IoT deployment by unifying connected devices into one console to enable developers to securely update devices all at once.

In addition to Ericsson and GE Ventures, Aspect Ventures also participated in the Series A.

“As billions of complex devices come online, IoT project leaders are faced with the dual challenges of safety and speed. They must securely maintain mission-critical remote devices, while also delivering new software features and functionality to their customers,” Resin.io Founder and CEO Alexandros Marinos said. “Resin.io is a modern software deployment and management platform that builds on Docker, Git, Yocto and other open technologies to solve these challenges. With the support of GE Ventures and Ericsson we are exceptionally well positioned to help IoT project leaders use software as a strategic advantage. ”

GE Ventures Director Sam Cates emphasized the importance of devops to the industrial internet of things. “Advancing the industrial internet requires the ability to deploy and manage software in remote environments. Resin.io is uniquely positioned to bring the speed and safety of devops to the industrial internet and we are excited to help them do so.”

“One of the main themes for Ericsson’s networked society vision, is the end-point liberation. In a world where software becomes the means of innovation and where billions of connected devices  perform increasingly complex tasks, traditional over the air update approaches are simply not enough,” Diomedes Kastanis, VP and head of Technology and Software Solutions for Ericsson said. “We are thrilled to support Resin.io as it helps transform entire industries with the ability to safely deploy new software containers whenever and wherever is necessary.”

The management platform works with Linux-based devices and enables quick development time, which helps manage costs and overhead, according to the company.



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