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Looking to boost cloud services, Samsung to acquire Joyent

Samsung today announced it will acquire U.S.-based public and private cloud service provider Joyent to supports its “growing lineup of mobile, internet of things and cloud-based software and services,” according to the Korean company.

Neither company has revealed any financial details of the acquisition.

Joyent, founded a little more than a decade ago, has led the way in many technological areas, CEO Scott Hammond says, but, “We lacked one thing. We lacked the scale required to compete effectively in the large, rapidly growing and fiercely competitive cloud computing market. Now, that changes…Samsung will become an anchor tenant for Joyent’s Triton and Manta solutions, and will help fuel the growth of our team and the expansion of our worldwide data center footprint.”

The acquisition was born out of Samsung’s Global Innovation Center, which works closely with startups. Global Innovation Center President David Eun said, “Joyent is a great example of a leading and disruptive technology company that will make unique contributions to Samsung while benefitting from Samsung’s global scale and reach.”

Triton is Joyent’s container solution, which includes compatibility with many common container schedulers. Manta is a distributed object storage service that’s integrated with compute functionality; it allows for storage and processing of data through an API. Manta works with R, Python, node.js, Perl, Ruby, Java and other programming languages.

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