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Hitachi creates Internet of Things unit

The Japanese firm generated $5.4 billion in “Internet of Things” revenues from products and services last year

Hitachi formed its Hitachi Insight Group in a move to drive the firm’s unified “Internet of Things” business and go-to-market strategy worldwide. The newly group is set to have its headquarters in Santa Clara, California. 

In 2015, Hitachi said it generated $5.4 billion in revenues last year tied to IoT solutions and services with a portfolio currently comprising 33 solutions. Hitachi said those solutions target public safety and smart cities; renewable and sustainable energy; intelligent transportation; precision agriculture and manufacturing; water treatment and urban development; construction; and mining. The new group is said to drive research and development and go-to-market strategies specific to four market segments: smart city, smart energy, smart health care and smart industry.

Hitachi also announced the creation of its new IoT core platform, dubbed Lumada, to enhance the company’s existing portfolio and support the development of new solutions and services. Lumada is an IoT core platform with a claimed open and adaptable architecture designed to simplify solution development and customization. Hitachi said Lumada incorporates expertise in operational technology and information technology, offering data orchestration, streaming analytics, content intelligence, simulation models and other Hitachi software technologies.

“Through the formation of Hitachi Insight Group and the Lumada IoT core platform we will provide Hitachi’s customers and partners with the fastest and simplest path to develop and deploy comprehensive digital solutions at scale,” said Keiji Kojima, head of Hitachi Insight Group.

“Our repeatable solutions are already helping businesses, cities, municipalities and industrial companies around the world,” added Kevin Eggleston, GM for Hitachi Americas. “The formation of Hitachi Insight Group will now enable us to take Hitachi’s vision for social innovation to the next level, as we move our IoT business into the next critical phase of its evolution.”

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