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Key IoT takeaways from TM Forum Live

Fail fast in IoT product development

NICE, France – On the final day of the TM Forum Live event, industry attendees and TM Forum officials gathered to round up the key takeaways related to “Internet of Things” topics highlighted during the conference.

Peter Dunmore, VP of products and portfolios at TM Forum, led the discussion, which hit on numerous challenges communications service providers will have to overcome in the push to grow and monetize IoT.

In no particular order, topics identified in the IoT discussion included:

  • Interoperability, driven by open software and hardware initiatives.
  • Innovation and development operations driven by partnerships between CSPs.
  • IoT data and devices can be analyzed to create insight, but monetization efforts need more focus.
  • Social outcomes around IoT applications for energy use, for example, are a focus area.
  • “Internet of Things” development will create questions around data privacy and security.
  • To succeed, you’ve got to try.

The phrase “fast fail” was used numerous times throughout TM Forum Live, and Dunmore hit on it again in the closing session.

“The point about fail fast,” he said, “is [to] very quickly get from PowerPoint through to proof-of-concept. We really need to push that to the next level. This is what we’re trying to … really provide a vehicle where people can succeed or fail fast.”

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