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Garden Sharing wins smart cities hack competition

Using IBM API and TM Forum tools, Garden Sharing wins TM Forum Live Open Hack focused on smart cities tech

NICE, France–Ahead of the start of TM Forum Live!, teams of developers from around the world competed in a smart cities themed hacking competition ultimately won by a team called Garden Sharing.

Using the IBM Weather API–that’s an application program interface–along with customer management, product catalog management and product inventory management APIs from TM Forum, Garden Sharing came up with a platform to “connect people who have a garden to share and those who’d like use of one, and also to create new ways to grow food and collectively care for plants.” The demo was put together in just 48 hours.

“The standard has been the highest I have seen at any recent hack,” TM Forum VP of Agile Collaboration Joann O’Brien said. “These teams have set the bar very high. The winning teams will demonstrate their solutions at TM Forum Live! this week and all the teams that pitched will have the opportunity to meet the Mayor of…Nice, who is interested in hearing more about these innovative ideas.”

With Garden Sharing, the city or residents with gardens could earn money by renting out space. “And partners could monetize the idea in a number of ways–from promoting gardening tools to offering IoT as a service (through sensors in gardens which remind people when they need to be watered,” according to TM Forum Live! officials.

City of Things came in second place with its so-called “social nudging” idea, which is predicated on the concept, according to the team, “You’d be surprised what people will do for a free coffee…Saving the world through free Wi-Fi.”

City of Things demoed an app facilitating a reward for an act regarded as a municipal service. In another example, imaging picking up a piece of trash in the park and seeing a small reduction on a utility bill.





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