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IIoT news recap: Michigan, HMi, Microsoft, Ipass

Michigan, home of the traditional automotive industry, is hoping to take the lead on autonomous driving regulation. In the meantime, Microsoft opens its Azure IoT Gateway SDK to public beta and iPass launches its developer program with the promises of scale and shorter time-to-market.

Michigan plans to lead regulation on autonomous driving

Michigan Senator Mike Kowall ( R-White Lake Township) is to present legislation that would allow autonomous vehicles on Michigan roads. In the meantime, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is working on issuing guidelines for self-driving vehicles with the ambition to create a “nationally consistent approach to autonomous vehicles.”

HMi’s RANKED to evaluate health-focused connected devices

Nonprofit organisation the Hacking Medicine Institute (HMi) has launched RANKED health, a program that will evaluate and rank health-focused applications and connected devices. The goal of the program is to help accelerate the adoption of digital health solutions through unbiased information.

Microsoft introduces Azure IoT Gateway SDK public beta

Microsoft’s Azure IoT Gateway SDK is now launching in public beta and is available on Github. It promises to reduce time-to-market for IoT developers.

Axoom and Nebbiolo select C-Labs

Axoom and Nebbiolo have selected C-Labs’s Factory Relay software to ”advance their industrial IoT solutions”. Axiom will use the software for industrial automation products and Nebbiolo in its Fog Computing System for process automation.

Ipass launches developer program

Enterprises, operators and device manufacturers will now be able to integrate Ipass’s mobile connectivity technologies and services into their applications and IoT devices as Ipass launches Smart Connect SDK. They can also gain access to the company’s footprint of over 50 million hot spots in more than 120 countries.


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