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Feds seek input on Internet of Things impacts

The Internet of Things is projected to connect billions of previously unintelligent objects to global telecommunications networks opening up the possibility of gaining new, analytics-based insight from machines with the goal of revolutionizing industry.

There are various market forecasts that place differing values on the Internet of Things, but Cisco, for one, thinks the global IoT market will be worth more than $14 trillion by 2022. Business Insider expects the IoT services and software market will grow to $600 billion by 2019.

So with all this investment in different types of automation and machine intelligence that could potentially disrupt longstanding segments of the global workforce, what’s the role of government?

That’s the question U.S. Department of Commerce wants answers to; the organization is soliciting public input from IoT stakeholders in an effort to look to the future.

Earlier this month the National Telecommunications and Information Administration published a request for public comment, which is open until May 23.

From the notice: “Recognizing the vital importance of the Internet to U.S. innovation, prosperity, education, and civic and cultural life, the Department of Commerce has made it a top priority to encourage growth of the digital economy and ensure that the Internet remains an open platform for innovation. Thus, as part of the Department’s Digital Economy Agenda, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) is initiating an inquiry regarding the Internet of Things (IoT) to review the current technological and policy landscape. Through this Notice, NTIA seeks broad input from all interested stakeholders—including the private industry, researchers, academia, and civil society—on the potential benefits and challenges of these technologies and what role, if any, the U.S. Government should play in this area. After analyzing the comments, the Department intends to issue a “green paper” that identifies key issues impacting deployment of these technologies, highlights potential benefits and challenges, and identifies possible roles for the federal government in fostering the advancement of IoT technologies in partnership with the private sector.”

Comments should be submitted to iotrfc2016@ntia.doc.gov.


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