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IoT explosion prompting dedicated network builds

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is a hot topic in telecom. The connectivity needs range, on the low end, to sending just a few Kilobytes at fixed intervals, to incredibly high-throughput, low-latency applications like autonomous driving.

To support IoT needs, particularly machine-type communications, networks dedicated just to IoT are popping up around the world, particularly in Europe.

In the U.S., Ingenu today announced an “immediately available” machine network covering about 2,116 square miles and 4.4 million people in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area.

Ingenu specializes in what the company calls Random Phase Multiple Access, which is designed to provide connectivity with minimal infrastructure. The Dallas-area deployment, for instance, totals 17 access points. According to Ingenu, “It would take 10 to 3o times the cellular infrastructure to provide similar coverage.”

“The Dallas/Fort Worth metro area is leading the country in technology innovation, and we are excited to have Ingenu’s powerful network enabling IoT connectivity in our community,” William Finch, chief information officer for the City of Dallas. “The Internet of Things is an important technology strategy for the region, and the machine network will accelerate the deployment and adoption of limitless IoT solutions.”

Ingenu plans to bring its network to 30 U.S. metropolitan areas.

Another big player in this space is Sigfox, which this week announced it will deploy a dedicated IoT network in Oman in partnership with carrier Omantel. Earlier this month, Sigfox announced networks coming to New Zealand and Australia.

“As innovators and early adopters of proven new technologies, it is vital that Omantel partners with like-minded companies to deliver the potential of the Omantel 3.0 transformation strategy,” Samy Ahmed Al Ghassany, chief operating officer at Omantel, said. “Sigfox offers a pioneering IoT solution that will complement our comprehensive telecommunication services. This agreement strongly supports our commitment to innovate by enhancing infrastructure and using new technologies that increase our network coverage and capabilities.”

“This is an exciting partnership for Sigfox since Omantel is a highly innovative telecom provider that is committed to offering its business and residential customers a broad suite of services, including Sigfox global IoT connectivity,” Thierry Siminger, president of SIGFOX Middle East and Africa, said. “

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