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IoT security, licensed vs. unlicensed, development kits

This week on on IoT Innovation, UltraSOC CEO, Rupert Baines, joins host Jeff Mucci, for a thoughtful discussion on the following top IoT trends:

• IoT Wireless Network Wars – Licensed versus unlicensed IoT network connectivity. Specifically, how long range, low power (ie Sigfox, LoRa, Silver Spring Networks) pose a material challenge to traditional mobile operators for IoT connectivity.

• IoT development toolkits – where does industry start to digital IoT transformation?

• IoT Security Forum held in London. Telsa hacker discussed how he hacked Tesla, what he was able to do and how quickly Tesla responded with over the air (OTA) patch to prevent future hacks

• IoT security on a chip including a review of UltraSoC “Bare Metal” security solution

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