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IoT data connectivity, system integrators, dev kits

Today’s IoT Innovation episode brought to you by Anritsu and Telecomcareers

IoT pundits and experts, Chris Hare and Steve Brumer, join host Jeff Mucci for a rousing discussion on IoT trends and news. Specific topics include:

  • “Internet of data versus ‘Internet of Things,'” a term first coined by Hare on IoT Innovation.
  • IoT data connectivity – Further complicating the IoT connectivity ecosystem, publicly traded Silver Springs Networks (NYSE: SSNI) recently introduced “Starfish,” an international wireless IPv6 network service for the IoT with the goal of enabling commercial enterprises, cities, utilities and developers to access a reliable, secure and scalable IoT network service with service level agreements that meet their needs. Companies looking to deploy IoT solutions will need to select between LTE, Sigfox, LoRa, Starfish and Ingenu connectivity. Satellite offerings will soon join the mix of licensed and unlicensed IoT connectivity options to consider.
  • System integrators – Launching IoT on a global scale is a complex undertaking. Big companies like doing business with big companies. As such, system integrators like Accenture, who recently acquired industrial IoT specialist Cimation, and IBM, who recently announced opening an IoT lab in Munich, Germany, will be the “go to” partners for major industry leaders looking to “digitize” their business.
  • IoT developer toolkits and boards – Orange, Imagination Technologies, Verizon Wireless and Raspberry Pi have recently announced new or enhanced IoT developer toolkits. Which begs the question: where do we start to develop IoT solutions?
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