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Birch metro fiber investment connects 80,000 new buildings

As communication service providers continue to expand the reach of crucial fiber optic networks, player Birch Communications recently completed connection of 80,000 new buildings in 22 states to its metro fiber network.

Based in Atlanta, Birch provides communications, network and cloud services to small- and medium-sized businesses, wholesalers and enterprise customers. The latest network addition brings Birch’s holdings to 31,000 route miles of metro fiber serving 400,000 buildings in 44 major markets across 22 states.

The metro fiber network is packaged as the BirchLink Metro Fiber service, which provides Internet speeds of 1 gigabit-per-second downlink and uplink.

“Our approach is straightforward; we’re committed to providing a better access experience for businesses [that] need flexible bandwidth to respond to their modern and diverse application requirements,” David Gibson, VP of business development at Birch, said. “Birch is focused on equipping customers with value-oriented high-speed Internet access solutions, enabling our customers to stay ahead of the curve as their needs evolve.”

In May, Birch expanded its metro fiber network in the major markets of Dallas, Houston, Denver and Los Angeles.

In the Dallas area, long a North American telecom and enterprise hub, Birch deployed a dedicated 209-mile dark fiber ring.

Birch President and CEO Vincement Oddo said during a recent town hall meeting the company will prioritize its network expansion in 2016.

“We’ve already had great sales success this year and, due to strong continuing demand for our services, we’re moving at an even faster pace to expand our metro fiber footprint,” Oddo said. “Our customers require fast connections to be successful, and giving them the speed they need to conduct business as efficiently and securely as possible is crucial to our success.”

Birch was founded in 1996 and employs 1,400 people around the country. Birch has three regional operation centers and also controls six geographically diversified data centers.

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