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Top automotive manufacturers and hiring mobile experts

As the connected car market gains traction, some automotive manufacturers are seeking to add employees with expertise in mobile-related software, networking, security, testing and product development. Although the automotive industry still has far more mechanical engineers than software or network engineers and tends to bring in experts from those industries as needed, some are trying to grow their in-house resources and knowledge.

Here is an overview of what the six largest automotive manufacturers are looking for, based on current job listings; OEMs are ranked by size, not number of open positions. Perhaps not surprisingly, given the fact that security for the connected car is an increasing concern, many of the connectivity-related jobs are related to embedded cybersecurity.

While many of them are interested in more broadly based software expertise (that often includes mobile), it’s also instructive to note which auto OEMs are, at least at the moment and in the U.S., not looking to expand their mobile talent pool.

When searching for related openings, common keywords for mobile-related jobs are telematics, cellular, mobile and LTE.

6. Ford has dozens of job openings in Michigan and California that seek mobile and wireless experience, ranging from embedded cybersecurity experts and network connectivity specialists to test leads, mobile interface developers and software developers for mobile applications.

5. Hyundai-Kia has a few jobs in North America, particularly in California, for people to focus on embedded security solutions for the connected car.

4-3. No. 4 and No. 3 largest auto OEMs Nissan-Renault and Volkwagen Group of the Americas are pretty sparse on mobile-related jobs in the U.S., except as related to their IT department.

2. General Motors is looking to fill a number of software-related positions, ranging from Android and iOS developers to Java experts for its IT team that focuses on developing “solutions enabling computer-aided engineering, design, and test as well as mobile applications.” The company also has positions available that work with its OnStar and infotainment platforms.

1.Toyota has around a dozen jobs available that seek telematics expertise, including multimedia product planning, cybersecurity and wireless engineering.



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