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Local storage enabling industrial and automotive IoT

As all devices become connected, industrial, automotive and consumer needs for the transfer of data are exploding. Network connections, bandwidth and cost will not support transferring all this information in real time to the cloud. This means local storage will continue to grow at a fast pace, too. SanDisk is working to ensure consumer and industrial clients have the local secure storage able to meet these needs.

Martin Booth, head of SanDisk’s marketing for industrial and automotive products, talks about these challenges and what SanDisk is doing to enable the industry.

Host Chris Hare and guest Martin Booth discuss the landscape of security systems, memory formats and standards, as well as some predictions on the expansion of the “Internet of Things” and memory needs going forward.

The highly technical and collaborative approach will increase as so many varied customers require support to implement the right systems that may be far from the business these companies were in historically.

As consumers we have all seen rapid changes in the amount of memory we need in laptops, phones and cameras. We can expect this to continue as industrial and consumer devices make our homes and lives more connected and smarter in the future.

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