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EMEA: Intelligent transport programs from InterDigital

Recently I had an opportunity to speak with InterDigital about oneTransport, which has emerged from Innovate UK’s integrated transport initiative and is the concept for an open market place to access transport data and transport analytics in order to develop intelligent transport solutions. The program consists of 11 partners, four of which are local transport authorities located outside of London.

The challenge arises from the integration between transport data and M2M data. Today there is only one international standard for M2M; oneM2M. That’s the good news; the bad news is that there is no integration with motorways or local transport authorities. In addition, today’s apps that utilize transport data only have access to a limited amount of data points and are therefore limited in their predictive capabilities. With wider access to integrated data more predictive functionality could be provided.


oneTransportToday the transport sector is made up of many silos that don’t share data, and with the increased impact of the “Internet of Things” coming to bear; this can be an opportunity and a challenge all in one. There needs to be an integrated solution and oneM2M enables a way forward. The concept of oneTransport is to build on this standard and create cloud-based hosted data that can then be interpreted through data analytics tools provided by program partners in that space. The interest in data sharing can go well beyond transport authorities and app developers – automotive OEMs and transport providers could use this data to plan future functionality. End-to-end journeys could be better planned based on the conditions at hand and law enforcement could identify problem areas for velocity protection (or speed traps in plain English).

The plan is to conduct an in-field trial with the four local agencies mentioned above and Highways England in the 2015-2016 time frame to determine the viability of such a solution as oneTransport. Assuming successful outcomes, the goal is to drive national deployment within the U.K. through 2020 and global deployment through 2026.

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