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Blurring the edge where cellular meets Wi-Fi

On this episode of HetNet Happenings, RCR Wireless News Sean Kinney discusses how the telecom industry is working to blur the line between cellular and Wi-Fi with Birdstep Technology CEO Lonnie Schilling.

In a world where customer retention is the driving goal for carriers, Schilling discussed the importance of focusing on user experience when considering network management solutions and providing the best possible customer experience.

“It’s very interesting,” Schilling said of the current telecom landscape. “Today we’re in this era, this age of personalization. Telecoms are striving to provide very personalized services and there’s a good reason for that. Churn is a major issue for operators today.”

He continued: “We’ve been focusing entirely on mobility solutions for operators and over the year we’ve become quite familiar with some of the challenges and concerns that operators have on a going forward basis. Where we are today is we’re sitting at this intersection of where cellular technologies meet Wi-Fi technologies.”

As carriers deploy Wi-Fi, the primary strategy is to augment cellular and drive improved user experience, Schilling said.

“We’re working with operators at this intersection point of cellular and Wi-Fi and working with them to create solutions for their customers, the consumers, to have a much more positive, better user experience, something we call experience continuity, when you’re using these technologies.”

The goal, he said, is “to allow a consumer to use Wi-Fi much the same way they use a cellular service. It is zero touch and quality is of a much higher level.”

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