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RCRatx Speakers Series: 5G, Wi-Fi and the Internet of Things

RCR Wireless News recently hosted the first installment of of its RCRatx Speakers Series, hosted in the company’s production studios on the east side of Austin, Texas.

The inaugural installment featured Liam Quinn, a VP and senior fellow at Dell; and Franklin Flint, CTO at the Telecommunications Industry Association. RCR Wireless News Managing Editor Sean Kinney moderated the wide-ranging discussion.

Topics included the as-yet unstandardized “5G” mobile networks of the future, the promise of the “Internet of Things” and Wi-Fi; more specifically, the group discussed how these technologies will impact each other as they develop.

Quinn discussed the intersection of IoT and 5G: “I view it as, if you take a highway right now, you’ve got multiple lanes. Think of 5G as maybe that same highway is 10x the width with 10x the number of lanes. The inside lane could be slow, the outside lane very fast. Things like IoT, which is a lot of small data bits … that can be data only. It may be guided over spectrum that’s specific for IoT.”

Flint said, “It’s big and complicated. IoT has become a buzzword. There are going to be specific applications that are going to need standards and guaranteed performance and guaranteed results,” like vehicle to vehicle communications, “that need to be consistent and reliable. That tends to drive the need for clear standards.”

Watch the entire conversation here:


Also on hand for the event was talented singer, songwriter and poet Trey Privott, who played some original selections as well as covers of Creedence Clearwater Revival and Talking Heads songs, among others.

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