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Adobe’s POV on IoT

IoT Innovation host Chris Hare speaks with Kevin Lindsay, who heads product marketing at Adobe. Adobe’s analytics and data-driven support for the “Internet of Me” is evolving. Far from being yet another acronym, IoM shows how effective, timely, personalised yet non-intrusive marketing is helping drive the growth in global brands. It also is changing business models – faster decisions can be made based on better and more qualified data.

Lindsay also comments on the segmentation of the presentation of information – all to avoid the right level, style and time of a message to avoid crossing the creepy threshold that we all witness in movies like “Minority Report.” Contextualized and personal is good, but at the right time. All of this is done while trying to reassure consumers that their data is safe. IoM is actually a bigger topic than the “Internet of Things” as it also encompasses traditional interaction with people through marketing.  Look for more discussion on this topic in future shows.

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