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The networked society – HetNet Happenings: Episode 27

This week on HetNet Happenings, RCR Wireless News Managing Editor Sean Kinney learns about the networked society from Ericsson Head of Strategy and Technology Manish Jindal.


By 2020, projections suggest some 50 billion connected devices in the world. Kinney and Jindal look ahead at the technologies that will shape this networked society.

Included in the conversation is an overview of some of the verticals Ericsson is working in, including public safety, transportation and smart cities.

Jindal discusses the new technology that will comprise the 5G mobile networks of the future, as well as how the Internet of Things and Wi-Fi will figure in.

The pair explore whether we need 5G standardization and commercialization prior to fully realizing the benefit of the Internet of Things and discuss the transformative powers of emerging tech.

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