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The path to 5G with Sonus Networks

As the industry looks toward 5G it’s important to not forget that there are still many years of LTE to come and voice over LTE is just emerging as a viable alternative to today’s mobile voice infrastructure. Recently I had an opportunity to speak with Dan Teichman, senior product marketing manager at Sonus Networks on these topics.

New technologies are always the buzz, and the tech community is currently enamored with the opportunities 5G can bring to the mobile industry. But is there is a risk that we’ll stop discussing LTE too soon? There’s still a great deal of evolution to play out on this topic. As just one example, let’s consider the role of LTE for the “Internet of Things.” As LTE unlicensed enters the market, there is a real opportunity to support the projected explosive growth in IoT, which will require support on two ends of the spectrum – low latency along with immediate delivery of data and applications needing only short bursts of data delivered that are not latency sensitive. With the range of LTE options coming to play over the next three years, this technology can meet the requirements on both ends of the spectrum.

VoLTE is becoming quite prevalent in the U.S. with other geographic regions further behind. The challenges playing out on VoLTE include security, quality and scalability. Not that these topics are new in the discussion around mobile data, but they are now being resolved for voice, and performance issues for voice will be noticed more quickly by end users and must be resolved for widespread adoption to occur.

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