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EMEA: IoT analytics in the cloud

Aeris has announced a new addition to its existing portfolio of machine-to-machine/”Internet of Things” services; AerVoyance – an analytics solution provided from the cloud to help customers manage their connected device programs in a more efficient way.

Aeris collects information from nearly 1 billion IoT events per day. That’s a pretty impressive figure and shows how this market is really ramping up deployment. By analyzing this anonymized data they were able to identify trends that will be beneficial to their customers in better managing their IoT deployments. Based on the network activity they were able to gather, the idea for this new product was formed.

They already offer a platform-as-a-service solution – AerCloud. AerCloud enables customers to collect, manage and analyze sensor data for IoT and M2M applications and devices. Although this provides customers with a good baseline at the application and device level, the analytics of the network were still missing.  AirCloud

AerVoyance fills this gap. With the addition of AerVoyance, customers of Aeris can now collect, manage and analyze data specific to the network connections for their end devices; providing a more comprehensive end-to-end level of analysis. Once implemented, customers have a personalized dashboard through which they can review and analyze performance by device, device type and access technology. AerVoyance

Once a customer has access to the dashboard, there are 42 use cases available that can potentially be implemented with the newly collected data. These use cases apply to technical, business development, marketing and financial audiences, and help to baseline a starting point for what to do with the new data.

Initially, AerVoyance is provided free of charge to existing Aeris customers. There are plans to expand the functionality to include predictive and pre-emptive functionality in the future.

In the world of analytics it seems industry players that have been in this space for awhile have migrated from analytics to big data analytics to now IoT analytics. I asked Aeris where they fell along this spectrum and it was refreshing to hear that they do not consider themselves an IoT analytics provider. They remain an IoT service provider that happens to provide analytic capabilities to customers using their network, along with open APIs if they prefer to use their own tools.

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