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IoT Innovation – Episode 4: The UX failure in IoT so far

Stuck in the car or video blocked at work? Check out the IoT Innovation podcast:

This week IoT Innovation is hosted by Nicholas Napp, who’s joined by guest Richard Banfield, CEO and co-founder of Fresh Tilled Soil, a Boston-based user experience company.

Napp and Banfield discuss the fundamental gap in planning and execution of most IoT projects: user experience. Who wants the device, why it’s desirable and will it be something that’s embraced for the long-term will it be just another device that sits in a desk drawer after a couple of weeks?

Deep in the discussion is the uncomfortable reality that user experience is a discussion with technical and engineering staff. This touchy-feely subject generally overseen by logical, process-oriented leaders, often falls down or doesn’t even get started.

In our work with clients, we are finding that companies really want to start designing a product at the outset – getting them to step back and consider the needs the device will fulfill – is often seen as slowing down the process. But much like appropriate strategy, planning and documentation – consider of UX right up front will change and speed the journey to successful business models.

Banfield also mentions his new book on the subject of UX, “Design Sprint.”

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