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EMEA: Sendrato IoT smart festivals

Sendrato was one of the companies demonstrating solutions at the Munich Wearable Technologies conference and was the winner of the Innovation World Cup lifestyle category as well as the overall prize. RCR Wireless News had the opportunity to record a video overview of its technology while at the event. Sendrato bills itself as a company that designs wearable technology and wireless solutions for large-scale events: A new topic in the world of the “Internet of Things”  is using wearables to actually manage events.

What does that mean and how is it actually implemented? Let’s start with what it means. Through the use of smart wristbands during an event, bidirectional communication is enabled among the visitors and event management. Within the wristband is an active RF radio and a passive RFID chip. Sendrato custom-develops the wristbands by event and deploys the wireless infrastructure required during the event in order for the solution to work – it does not rely on public wireless infrastructure.

On the business side, the wristband fulfills quite a few requirements for the event organizer. It acts as a ticket and monitors entry and exit to the venue. Organizers are also able to send information to the wristband and keep track of where people are located via heatmaps in the event of any security issues. Sendrato’s festival hub software system also provides an integrated ERP solution for large-scale event organizers and enables increased data analysis and security control options. This is accomplished via integration with systems required by event managers such as online sales, access control, incident management, CRM, logistics and financial programs.

On the fun side, the wristbands are made to order in leather, fabric or plastic and can be branded for the specific event. There is an iPad app that allows for the wristbands to be activated and lit with specific colors according to the activities taking place in the show. Wristbands can be paired among event attendees allowing them to share contact information as defined in advance or to “like” specific activities within the performance. Below is a link to how this looks in reality at Tomorrowland 2014 in Belgium with 110,000 users online at one time.

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