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AT&T DevSum: Choice drives AT&T connected car strategy

LAS VEGAS – Automakers are like smartphone makers in at least one way: they want to stand out from the competition. AT&T believes that when it comes to connecting cars to the Internet, automakers will want solutions that enable them to differentiate their offerings. To that end, the company is offering a wide range of connected car applications, and sharing its connected car platform with developers.

The carrier outlined its connected car progress at its AT&T Developer Summit this week, announcing five new applications for its AT&T Drive platform. Three of the new apps focus on efficiency and safety. Glympse is a location sharing platform that enables drivers to easily share their location with anyone. AetherPal’s Smart Care allows customer care representatives to remotely trouble shoot problems with in-vehicle applications. And Eventseeker taps into users’ social, music and device libraries to provide relevant alerts and recommendations on events in the user’s area.

AT&T’s other new connected car apps are meant to enhance the in-vehicle experience. Audiobooks.com will allow users to instantly stream or download audiobooks to their connected cars. And Dash Radio is AT&T’s solution of choice for automakers that want to offer a digital music service.

Software development kit
Applications built for AT&T Drive can share information and communicate with the vehicle via a centralized data and event controller built into the AT&T Drive middleware and exposed through a JavaScript API.

Programmers at the AT&T Developer Summit were the first to access the APIs for the AT&T Drive software development. The kit will be available for broader use later this year.

Connected car deals
AT&T has already inked deals to provide connected car services to several automakers, including GM, Audi, Tessla, Volvo and Subaru. This week Subaru said that select 2016 models will be equipped with AT&T’s 4G LTE wireless connectivity, as well as increased personal safety and security features.

Subaru’s Starlink currently provides hands-free connectivity, entertainment and safety technology. This agreement should make it easier for drivers to integrate their smartphones with Starlink, and facilitate vehicle diagnostics.

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